There once was a cat named Spice...

The true story of how Kitty’s WonderBox, Inc. came to be actually did begin with a cat named Spice. She was the sole reason the founder of the company decided there had to be another way to solve the litter box blues. Here is how it all came to be...

Being true to the feline way of thinking, Spice was a most fastidious little girl (18 pounds to be exact) that knew her litter box should be kept as clean and presentable as humanly possible. That is where the conflict arose. You see, having a very full schedule and not always being present when Spice decided to deposit her gifts in the box, it was not humanly possible at all!

This led Spice to take matters into her own paws, and NOT use her box but rather places like the bathtub, plants and floor! We must remember a litter box is nothing more than a personal commode that a cat cannot flush! So what can we expect from the smartest animals on earth anyway? Well, the stage was set and the challenge was on...there had to be another way

Keeping in mind that convenience was a factor for the busy human, odor control and cleanliness was even more important for Spice (and so many other kitties out there). It was going to be necessary to create a box that would neutralize odors and keep the litter dry and fresh while not burdening the environment like all those plastic liners do.

And so, after much research and many prototypes, the WonderBox was created and thankfully appreciated by Spice and her human!

We, the humans of Kitty’s WonderBox, Inc. hope the WonderBox line of products provides you and your little friends with many happy endings!

OUR PHILOSOPHY: “People First”

All of us here at Kitty’s WonderBox, Inc. take great pride in the core values on which we have built our company. Being a “People First” company allows us to honor those values and exercise our commitment to each other as “Purpose Partners”. It is from this high level of dedication of our team that we have attained our goals in the past and our belief in each other that will continue to lead us on a successful path in the future. It is our hope that our highly valued customers will share with us the experience and benefits of the “People First” philosophy.


We also take great pride in our strong affiliation with many humane organizations across the country and have created special programs to make our products available to them.