Will not Leak! Amazing odor Control! Safe for the environment!

All of the WonderBox products feature these “WonderFull” benefits that so many have grown to love, and more!

If it's convenience that you are searching for, the WonderBox delivers, especially the All in Wonder! A WonderBox including our own clumping litter, it takes just minutes to give your pet a clean litter box and yourself peace of mind.

If odor control is your goal, then all of the WonderBox products will accomplish that with ease. The special paper fibers used in making the WonderBox absorb all of the ammonia gases and neutralize them. The paper also makes it possible for air to filter through the box, keeping it and the litter dry, resulting in even more odor control for you and your pet!

If it's economy that you are concerned with, then just remember that the WonderBox will last up to 1 month! The durable fibers will not allow fluids to pass through them so the box can be used either free-standing or as a very strong liner. Any litter will last longer and there is no need for additional cleaning products, deodorizers, or paper toweling.

And if it is environmental concerns that drive you, then the recycled, 100% biodegradable paper of the WonderBox products should put that concern to rest! They are the only truly environmentally sound litter boxes/liners available today!

We hope you will explore and discover all the wonders of our product line and look forward to hearing from you!