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Here’s what satisfied customers say about Kitty’s WonderBox®:

Cat sleeping

"I have arthritis & carpal tunnel in my hands and was finding it very difficult to clean and change my old cat box. I tried your Kitty’s Wonderbox and think it’s one of the best inventions of this century (right up there with the remote car starter)! Clumps don’t stick to the box making it easy to clean daily & no more cleaning the old box and fussing with liners. It’s actually cheaper than my old cat box. It makes me wonder how many people like me gave up their cats because they could no longer do the cat box. Thank you for making my life easier." ~ CN - Iowa

"Our cat Ashby loves the Wonderboxes!. They are very easy to use when it comes time to change the litter. With the recycled paper material, there is never a mess or odor and they just won't leak. And since we travel quite a bit, they work out great for the cat sitter." ~ Ashby and Family - Connecticut

"Last year, on Christmas Day to be exact, we were literally moving 900 miles away to a new business, house , etc...We were transporting in a RV, 6 cats plus numerous other pets. I was concerned about litter boxes for the 'road trip', in addition to cat adaptation in our new home. I bought a case of Wonder Boxes hoping that they would last a few months. Well, almost a year later, I still have 2 left. I used 2 boxes every month for 6 cats. I scooped am and pm (which I would have done with the old fashioned boxes anyway)...then tossed and set up new ones. Thank you sooo much for your product...no mess...no fuss.


P.S. A footnote...I have also saved a bundle on litter. Your boxes clean up so well that I only have to replace litter when I change the boxes...Thanks again!" ~ KL - Tennessee

"I just wanted to let you know that Kitty Wonderboxes are the greatest. My daughter and I both have cats. She discovered your product several months ago and told me they were super. We had been using them for a while when Hurricane Katrina hit. We had only a few and the local pet supply store was out. We had to use plastic boxes again when we first evacuated and it was a pain. About a week after the storm, we evacuated to a friend's house in Southport, Florida. Their local Publix market had several Kitty Wonderboxes and we bought them all!!! We waited a couple of days and went back for more. Again, we bought them all. They are superior on a regular basis, but they are lifesavers when you are having to travel. They don't require a lot of litter, they absorb liquid and odor, and they are completely disposable. Thanks for making at least one task unremarkable in its simplicity while we deal with everything else the hurricane left." ~ DW - Slidell, Louisiana

"The Jumbo Wonder is a HUGE addition to the Kitty's Wonderbox product line. We are a four cat family, and one of our boys is a big twenty pounder who loves to kick his litter around. The Jumbo Wonder does a great job of keeping the litter where it belongs -- in the box! We highly recommend this new box for anyone with multiple cats or cats who love to 'dig'." ~ SG - Florida

Kittens Sleeping

"I just tried the jumbo Wonderboxes. Oh my gosh, they are absolutely perfect. My 2 cats share 1 jumbo size Wonderbox with no problems for an entire month. My older cat Maggie is diabetic & both cats drink a lot of water - so they put their box to good use every day. Clumps removed easily (no sticking) & there was no odor for the entire month. My younger cat Lily had the problem of urinating over the side of the regular size boxes but does not have this problem at all with the jumbo Wonderbox.

I have arthritis & was having great difficulty cleaning & changing the old fashioned type litter boxes. Your jumbo Wonderbox have made this job a breeze & not unpleasant at all!

Please let me know when I can order the jumbo Wonderboxes online. You can count on me to be a long time customer. Thank you for making my life easier." ~ KN - Indiana

"The WonderBox is so convenient, especially if you live in an apartment and there's not enough space for cleaning and washing a litter box. When it's time to change it, we just throw it away and put a new one down. I don't think I could ever live without it." ~ MM - West Palm Beach, FL