* What should we expect from our furry little friends when it comes to "bathroom behavior"?

So often we hear from our “wonderful” customers telling of stories about their cats behavior when it comes to using (or not) the litter box. It seems that so many people forget that the litter box in their home is nothing more than another commode. And one, that unfortunately cannot be flushed or cleaned by its user! It is of course our job and responsibility to provide a clean and acceptable facility so as not to have a mutiny on our hands!

Remember, cats are probably even more fastidious about their accommodations than humans are and they know just how to educate and train us! If given a choice between a pleasantly clean litter box and one that is not, a cat will ALWAYS choose the cleaner one.

* How many litter boxes are enough?
The best calculation is one box per cat plus one. If there are two cats in your household, then the ideal number of litter boxes would be three. However, if space is an issue, the next best thing would be two regular sized boxes or one Jumbo. And remember, the fresher and more odor free the box is, the more likely it would be for cats to share their “potty”!
* “To Cover or Not to Cover?”

When is a covered litter box a good idea? When both the human and feline co-habitants agree it is.

You see, some cats feel very secure when they have a private area to use and others feel trapped when they only have one way out of a situation, creating a stressful environment. This can have extremely negative consequences attached to it, such as total rejection of the box. Not a good thing. If the cat is agreeable to using a covered box the area should be large enough for the cat to enter the box and be able to turn easily. It should also be kept clean and odor free since ventilation is limited. (by the way, WonderBoxes help in neutralizing odors even inside covered boxes!)